TransPerth New Embayments

TransPerth are constructing three additional bus embayments at the front of the school.  The current bus embayment is too small to accommodate all of the buses with the result that the entrance to the adjacent aged care facility is blocked at peak periods in the afternoon. In addition, exiting the school can be difficult in the afternoon because of buses blocking the field of view.

The works are due to run from Friday June 11 to Friday June 25th. During this period, parking will be in short supply and there is likely to be traffic congestion. Parents who pick up their child in the afternoon may want to make other arrangements.

The new embayments will reduce parking availability at the front of the school at least in the medium term. The Department of Education is aware of the parking issues at this school and the need for additional parking bays.

Please refer to the map for details.

Whilst disruption is likely the work must commence this financial year.

Following the upgrade of the bus bay at Como Secondary College, afternoon bus services will undergo minor stand changes. See here for details.