Canteen Upgrade

We are very fortunate to be getting an upgrade to our canteen facilities. This means we will have a fantastic new facility, but not without some pain and adjustments in the meantime. While the canteen will be able to continue to use the kitchen to supply food, it will be served from a different location and we will not have quite the variety we are used to.


When students return to school on Tuesday 20 July, they will see signs up for where they need to go. They will all need to line up in one line and then fan out as directed to several serving positions. After they’ve been served, they will need to move on quickly as the new area has much less room to move.


They will also notice that the Year 11 and 12 quads are inaccessible. Senior students know this and know where they will go. This will have an impact on other students. Younger students may not enter the new Year 11/12 quad.


Teachers will be able to help students in Week 1 if they are confused. Look for the signs.