Information For New Students in 2023

Student Orientation and Your First Day

Parent Information Night
Parent Information Night takes place toward the end of the year prior to student’s year of commencement. This evening serves as a welcome to parents of new students. It is an informative evening with key Como Secondary College Staff. All enrolled families will receive details and instructions on how to RSVP.

Student Orientation Day
In December of the students’ final year of Primary School students who are ENROLLED in Year 7 are invited to a day of orientation where they see the school grounds and meet their peers. All enrolled families receive details via email in Term 4.

• Family Orientation Day
In January families of new students enrolled are invited to a day of orientation where they can become familiar with the school grounds. All enrolled families receive details via email, including their Family Pass.

• Student First Day
On Day 1 students should come prepared with basic stationery and a healthy lunch and snacks. Students will receive their timetables, school diary, and other instructions about how to prepare for each of their classes. 

The beginning of a new school year can be a challenge when deciding what to pack for the first day. We recommend that students bring only the basic essentials, including:
• Pencil case
• Notepad
• Lunch or money to order lunch

Students are to assemble in the Year 7 Quad.  Students in all other year groups are to come to Admin.

A Welcome Bell will sound and students will move toward the gymnasium for a full school assembly in the Gymnasium.
At the conclusion of the assembly students will begin classes as per their timetable which they will receive during the assembly. Senior students and staff will be on hand to direct.

Once students have their timetable, it will be easier from Day 2 to include the books or sports uniforms required for each day’s classes (please ensure all items are clearly named). Students are encouraged to pack their bag in the evening ready for the following school day.

Transition Week
Our transition staff coordinate multiple days of orientation activities to help new Year 7 students settle in during the first week of Term 1. During this week, students will receive their timetables, school diary, and other instructions about how to prepare for each of their classes.

What to Prepare

Packing your bag for Day 1
On Day 1 students should come prepared with basic stationery and healthy food. Across multiple days of orientation in Week 1, students will receive their timetables, school diary, and other instruction on how to prepare for each of their classes for the rest of the Year.

• Book / Resource Lists
Book lists are available on our Book and Resources List page. Please only purchase resources for the subjects that your child is enrolled in, as shown on your Contributions and Charges Statement (received late November by post).

• Contributions and Charges
Enrolled families will be mailed their Contributions and Charges Statement in late November, before Term 1 commences the following year. This will display a summary of your child’s enrolled subjects for the year, and will detail specific Book List or Resource requirements for each subject.

Uniforms are available to purchase new and second hand. Read more about where to purchase. Students will need to be responsible for packing and bringing their Sports Uniform for PE and other Physical Recreation Classes.

• School Map
The student diary (received in Week 1) includes a copy of the Como SC School Map.

Stay Informed

• School News
The school publishes regular Newsletters throughout each term, these will be emailed to parents and are also available on the school’s website with our Latest News.
Parents and students are encouraged to stay connected with the school’s public news via our Facebook.

What can you do before Day 1?

• How can students prepare themselves?
Students can focus on the skills below, these will help with transition to a high school environment:
o Manners and respect (for themselves, for others and for property).
o Being able to look at someone and politely greet them
o Catching public transport and using appropriate behaviours on the bus and train.
o Crossing roads.
o Appropriate personal hygiene habits and being able to manage any regular medications.
o Keeping organised, particularly taking note of task due dates.

• How can parents help?
To help your child transition to high school, we suggest:
o Keeping a copy of your child’s timetable and encourage them to refer to it when packing their bag each day.
o Set up a designated area for study at home – it doesn’t have to be a desk, but it is best to have a quiet area that is kept as neat as possible.
o Label everything!!!
o Only buy the uniform as outlined.
o Keep up to dates with events at the school via the College Events Calendar.
o Listen to your child to get to know the names of their teachers and friends.
o Take care when driving around the school.
o Please do not phone or text your child directly during school hours.

Attendance and Absentees

• Parent and Guardian Requirements
It is a legal requirement for any absence to be covered by a phone call or written explanation from the student’s parent or legal guardian. Parents are advised to SMS our 24 hour SMS Absentee line 0419 933 204 before 9.30am on the day of absence or phone 9365 2011 during business hours. Please state the students full name, year group, the parent/guardian name, date of absence and reason for absence. The school will contact the parent/guardian via an SMS message if a student has been marked absent from school with no notification. The parent/guardian must provide a reason for all absences from school.

• Arriving Late or Leaving Early
If your child is late to school, or needs to leave early, they must bring a note from their parent or legal guardian and come through The Hub to sign in or out.

Key Staff Members and Contacts

• Pastoral Care Contacts for Parents
If parents have concerns relating to their child’s pastoral care, including social and emotional wellbeing, any family situation, learning difficulty or mental health they are encouraged to make contact with Student Services. For urgent matters phone during school hours 9365 2000.