Teaching & Learning

Progress in learning is at the heart of everything we do at Como.

We believe that every student can learn.

That’s why our teaching mission is to maximise learning, no matter their starting point.

We work with students and their families to build the individual commitment required to achieve a personal best.

And our focus is on personal bests, not mandated thresholds.

Expert teaching and a high-quality pastoral care system, provides students with the key to a promising future.


We get a complete snapshot of each student from the beginning. On entry to the school in Year 7, all students are tested to determine their personal level in vocabulary, reading, spelling, numeracy and science. Then we liaise closely with their primary schools to get additional information about their individual needs. We use this information alongside primary school reports and NAPLAN data to ensure that all educational and social needs are identified ahead of time. At Como, every student matters.


Como has cultivated a wide range of programs focused on the needs and characteristics of individual students. Some of our programs are designed to challenge academically inclined students, like our specialist courses. The Enriched Mathematic, Information Technology and Science Program (EMITS) has an excellent track record of developing students who have gained very high ATAR scores and gone on to attain high level post-graduate qualifications in a wide range of professions.

Our Create@Como program has been developed to foster creativity in those students whose strengths lie in literature and the arts.

The advanced Golf and Hockey specialist programs facilitate the physical and strategic skills required for budding career sportspeople.

Our renowned Music specialist program provides students with passion for music a thorough grounding for entry into Jazz and Contemporary Music Studies at the Conservatorium of Music (WAAPA) and at the University of Western Australia.

Other programs are designed to support students in overcoming individual learning obstacles.

At Como, nobody falls through the cracks. Everyone has a program and a community they belong to.