Create@ Como

For students who love reading, drawing or performing, Create@Como offers the opportunity to develop talents and explore feelings, thoughts and ideas through writing and the creative arts. Students in the Create@Como program are provided with the resources, skills and foundation knowledge to prepare for an arts-based academic pathway.

Successful applicants undertake a uniquely enriched English curriculum that is aligned with the Senior School ATAR Literature Course. They explore the creative arts (Visual Arts and Media) and the performing arts (Dance, Music and Drama), plus receive expert instruction and access to off-campus resources to develop their skills.

The program also affords Create@Como students exclusive opportunities like guest artists and performers.

Create@Como is an innovative way to ensure students use their talents to grow, prosper and thrive as creative, confident individuals who will contribute in exciting ways to our ever-changing world.

Create@Como is a school-based program requiring a four-year commitment (Years 7 – 10). Students may then follow a pathway with the aim of arts-based university entrance at the completion of Year 12.

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