Working at Como

Como Secondary College provides a supportive working environment in which professional development is a priority.  The school has a mix of teachers at different stages of their careers. Graduates and new teachers to the school will be working alongside supportive colleagues who have the skills, knowledge to make their transition easier. 

It is expected that all teachers will collaborate and share the workload within the learning areas and the school in general. Decisions are made on the basis of what is best for the student.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy underlying The Como Model of Teaching is pragmatism.

The pedagogical practices, strategies and beliefs underpinning the model have been evaluated in terms of the success of their practical application as established through high-quality educational research.

It is an evidence-based approach. We do what works best, and we are constantly striving to improve. That’s why our model is not immutable. If there is strong evidence for a better way of doing things, we will adopt it. We always maintain a clear and common understanding of what is important.

The Como Teaching Model

The foundations of the Como Model of Teaching lie in research. We look at what constitutes the most effective methods of teaching and the factors that influence student learning.

Central to the model are the beliefs that:

  • Every student can learn.
  • It is the teachers responsibility to ensure that students do learn.
  • Family circumstances are not used as an excuse for a student not learning.


Classroom environments where:

  • It is OK to make mistakes.
  • Students work to the best of their ability with the encouragement of their peers and teachers.
  • The learning tasks are challenging, but achievable.
  • The focus is on the academic, social and emotional growth of each student.


Teaching strategies that:

  • Are supported by evidence.
  • Involve strong formative assessment and are adapted on the basis of feedback gained from formative assessment.
  • Can be applied across learning areas to support whole-school literacy, numeracy and behavioural objectives.

Applying for a position

With approximately 70 teachers and 25 administration and support staff, Como Secondary College staff provide students with excellent opportunities within the academic, sporting and performing arts fields.

We encourage people who share our philosophy, high standards of teaching and student engagement to join our team.

Job opportunities at Como Secondary College can be found at

See here for information with regard to Applying for advertised positions in public schools and for Writing your application – Teaching positions.  Alternatively see

All teachers seeking casual work need to submit an application to a centralised Casual Teacher Pool, Casual Staff Seeker

For more information regarding the requirements and process of casual teaching in WA see